Timeline of Odisha History

Timeline of Odisha History

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Timeline of Odisha History

From ancient Odisha to an independent Odisha, this timeline of Odisha history takes us on a journey around the Indian subcontinent. This Odisha history timeline includes every significant event in the state's history.

Ancient history, mediaeval history, and modern history are the three primary groups that make up Odisha's timeline. Candidates can gain a comprehensive understanding of the series of key events that occurred in Odisha history by studying the Odisha History Timeline. This Odisha History Timeline will help you prepare for all Odisha competitive exams, including OSSC, OPSC, OSSSC, ASO, OCS, CT, BED, and other Odisha competitive exams.


Ancient History Timeline:




350 BCE

Kalinga conquered by Mahapadmananda

261 BCE

Kalinga War and conquered by Asoka

100 BCE

Meghavahana established the Mahameghavahana dynasty

350 CE

Kalinga was conquered by Samudragupta

639 CE

Hiuen-Tsang visits Odra/Udra

650 CE

Parashurameshvara temple built by Sailodbhava rulers

845 CE

First female ruler Tribhuvana Mahadevi

882 CE

Janmejaya I establishes Somavamsis Dynasty

1100 CE

Lingaraj temple built by Somavamsi rulers

Mediaeval History Timeline:




1038 CE

Establishment of Gangal/Eastern Ganga Dynasty

1135 CE

Chodagangadeva shifts capital from Kalinganagara to Kataka

1250 CE

Narasimhadeva I builds the Konark temple

1278 CE

Ananta Vasudeva temple built by Queen Chandrika

1434 CE

Gajapati Dynasty was established by Kapilendra Deva

1513 AD

Krishnadevraya invasion in Udayagiri

1522 AD

Quli Qutb Shah’s invasion

1541 AD

Bhoi Dynasty was founded by Govinda Vidyadhara

1568 AD

Karani Dynasty was founded by Sulaiman Khan Karani

1576 AD

Battle of Raj Mahal in which Mughals established their rule in Odisha

1590 AD

Puri and coastal areas went to Mughals

1606 AD

Jahangir separated Odisha from Bengal

1703 AD

Odisha passed into the hands of Naib Nazims of Bengal

1751 AD

Maratha rule in Odisha


Modern History Timeline:




1625 AD

Portuguese settlements at People (Balasore district)

1633 AD

First British settlement at Hariharpur

1765 AD

Robert Clive acquired Diwani rights of Odisha

1803 AD

English occupied Barabati Fort near Cuttack

1804 AD

Khorda Rebellion by Jayee Krushna Rajguru

1804 AD

Major Broughton acquired Sambalpur

1817 AD

Paika Rebellion by Bakshi Jagabandhu

1825 AD

Surrender by Bakshi Jagabandhu

1833 AD

Revolt in Sambalpur by Surendra Sai

1835 AD

Ghumsar Rebellion started

1857 AD

Surendra Sai, Chandan Hajuri, Ramakrishna Samantasinghar joined Sepoy Mutiny

1865-66 AD

Na’anka Famine

1867 AD

Opening of College in Cuttack

1868 AD

Bhuyan Uprising

1869 AD

Formation of Utkal Brahmo Samaj

1882 AD

Formation of Utkal Sabha

1896 AD

Railway in coastal Odisha started


Odisha Independence Timeline:





1903 AD

Formation of Utkal Union Conference

1905 AD

Formation of Utkal Union Samillani

1909 AD

Formation of Satyabadi Vana Vidyalaya at Puri

1921 AD

Mahatma Gandhi visited Odisha for the first time

1922 AD

Peasant Revolt at Kanika

6th April 1930 AD

Foot March towards Inchudi at Balasore

14th April 1930 AD

Satyagrahis manufactured salt at Inchudi

1931 AD

Formation of Odisha State’s People’s Conference

1st April 1936 AD

Odisha was granted status of a province

1938 AD

Prajamandal formed at Garimal

1st December 1940 AD

Individual Civil Disobedience Movement launched in Odisha

November 1941 AD

Coalition Ministry formed with Maharaja of Paralakhemundi

28th September 1942 AD

Massacre of Eram in Basudevpur

29th March 1943 AD

Martyr Laxman Naik executed in Behrampur Jail

December 1947 AD

Sardar Patel came to Odisha for its merger

1st January 1948 AD

All Princely States except mayurbhanj Merged in Odisha

1949 AD

Mayurbhanj also merged in Odisha



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