List of National Symbols of India

List of National Symbols of India

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India's national symbols give the country a distinct character and paint a picture of it as a sophisticated country in our thoughts. Special emblems have been ascribed to currency, flora and fauna, and even music, creating emotions of pride and patriotism among inhabitants. The emblems were picked at various eras. They represent strength, purity, immortality, power, pride, and courage, among other things.

The "List of National Symbols of India" is provided in this article. National symbols assist our country in expressing its identity in a completely distinctive way and projecting a world-class image. The following is a list of India's national symbols.

List of National Symbols of India




National Flag


National Calendar

Shaka sanvat

National Emblem of India

Lion Capital of Ashoka

National Anthem

Jana Gana Mana

National Song

Vande Mataram

National Fruit


National River


National Tree

Indian Banyan

National Animal

Royal Bengal tiger

National Aquatic Animal

Ganges River Dolphin

National Bird

Indian Peacock

National Currency

Indian Rupee

National Microbe

Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp, bulgaricus

National Reptile

King Cobra

National Heritage Animal

Indian Elephant

National Sports

Field Hockey

National Flower

Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera)

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