Climate of UP

Climate of UP

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The climate of Uttar Pradesh is generally defined as tropical monsoon type.

Retreating Monsoon season has a very negligible effect in Uttar Pradesh and only occasional mild showers are experienced in winter. 

Some of these showers are not even due to the Monsoon but due to western disturbances.


Winter Season

Cold (temperatures drop to 3-4°C, sometimes below -1°C); clear skies; foggy conditions in some tracts

November to February

Summer Season

Hot & dry (temperatures rise to 45°C, sometimes 47-48°C); low relative humidity (20%); dust-laden winds.

March, April and May

South-west Monsoon

85% of the average annual rainfall of 990mm. Fall in temperature 40-45° on rainy days.

June, July, August, September and October



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