Driving Learner Licence

The Transport Department has started an online examination for candidates seeking the demand for Learning License (LL). This license can be obtained only after passing this online examination. Nationwide efforts are being made to computerize RTO services, networking of all offices and expand online services. Driving license is an essential document to learning the driving vehicle and after that to obtaining a permanent license. Learning license allows you also to learn driving with a regular and experienced driver that means you can learn driving with a trainer or friend, relative etc. Before learning more, do not forget to put an 'L' mark on the front and back of your vehicle.

General awareness to obtain a Learner license: The license applicant should be aware of the traffic rules and regulations. Applicant should have valid address proof and age proof document.

(1) For motorcycles (with gear): Age of the candidate must be at least 18 years .

(2) For motorcycles (with no gear, with an engine of 50 cc capacity): Candidate must be at least 16 years old .

(3) For commercial heavy vehicle and transport vehicle: Candidate should pass an eighth grade and his age is at least 20 years, in some states this age is 18 years.

(1) मोटरसाइकिल(गियर के साथ) के लिए: अभ्यर्थी की आयु कम से कम 18 वर्ष होनी चाहिए |

(2) मोटरसाइकिल( बिना गियर,50 cc क्षमता वाले इंजन के साथ) के लिए: अभ्यर्थी की आयु कम से कम 16 वर्ष होनी चाहिए |

(3) व्यापारिक भारी वाहन और परिवहन वाहन के लिए: अभ्यर्थी को आठवीं कक्षा उत्तीर्ण होना चाहिए और उसकी आयु कम से कम 20 वर्ष हो, कुछ राज्यों में यह आयु 18 वर्ष है |

Total Time: 10 Minutes
Mode of Exam: Online
Traffic Signal 4 4


10 Minutes No Negative Marking
Traffic Rules 6 6



कुल समय: 10 मिनट
परीक्षा का माध्यम: ऑनलाइन
विषय प्रश्न अंक कुल अंक कुल प्रश्न नकारात्मक अंकन
यातायात सिग्नल्स 4 4


10 कोई नकारात्मक अंकन नहीं
यातायात नियम 6 6

How to apply

Last date to apply

Exam fee

Date of Exam

You may apply at your nearest RTO office or through online portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Can be applied on any working day.

From 2017 – Rs. 150/-

The examination date will be told by RTO.

Link for Apply




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किसी भी कार्य दिवस में आवेदन किया जा सकता है |

2017 से – Rs. 150 /-

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