English | हिन्दी 'Indian Organ Donation Day' observed on 27 November 2021

National Organ Donation Day: 27 November

Category :  Important Days   Published on: November 27 2021      

  • The 27th of November has been observed as 'Indian Organ Donation Day' in the country for the previous ten years.
  • This day aims to urge people to give their healthy organs after they die so that more lives might be saved. Organ donation, such as kidneys, heart, pancreas, eyes, and lungs, can help save the lives of those with chronic illnesses.
  • In India, organ donation has traditionally been abysmally low.
  • In 1954, the United States performed the first successful living donor organ transplant.
  • In 1990, Doctor Joseph Murray was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for performing a successful kidney transplant on twin brothers Ronald and Richard Herrick.